Physicians (MDs and DOs) who would like to recommend medical marijuana treatment options to their patients must modify their Schedule 1 privileges on their Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) license with the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.  Below are Frequently Asked Questions to assist physicians in this regard. 

Frequently Asked Questions: CDS Schedule 1 Designation for Therapeutic Marijuana Physician Recommendations 

Q: Why would a Physician need their CDS license modified to include Therapeutic Marijuana privileges?

A: Physicians must modify their CDS license to include Therapeutic Marijuana privileges in order to recommend medical marijuana to patients in the State of Louisiana. 

Q: Which state agency should I contact? 

A: The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. 

Q: What is the process like? 

A: Physicians should send a written request to the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy to obtain Therapeutic Marijuana privileges. The Board will accept requests via email, fax, or mail. Email is the preferred method of contact. 

Q: Can you please provide sample language that should be included in my written request to the Board of Pharmacy? 

A: Yes, you can copy and paste the sample text below:  

“Please modify the Schedule I privileges on my personal CDS license (CDS.xxxxxx) to add therapeutic marijuana. Thanks!”

Q: Where should I send my written request? 

A: See table below. Email is the preferred method of contact. 





3388 Brentwood Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Q: Do you have any other important details to share? 

A: There is no fee to modify your CDS privileges. CDS privileges can be verified on the Board of Pharmacy website. You do not need to complete a separate registration or notify the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners in order to recommend medical marijuana to patients in Louisiana. No background check or fingerprinting is required. You must hold a current and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the State of Louisiana.  

IMPORTANT – This information is provided as a courtesy to assist providers. Please refer to for official information and updates.